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Mavic Teams Up With UTC-ButcherBox P/B Look

Published April 12, 2024

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Adding a dynamic American team to the roster

Waterbury, VT – Mavic and UTC-ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK announce a multi-year partnership through 2025, bringing together Mavic's rich cycling heritage and innovative brand history with one of America's most dynamic and creative race teams. This collaboration establishes the footing for a strong and enduring relationship between UTC-ButcherBox Cycling and Mavic, a world-renowned cycling brand based in France, known for its innovation and storied legacy.

"Based in Boston, MA, UTC-Butcherbox Cycling is only hours north of the Mavic North America headquarters in Vermont," said Mavic North American Sales & Marketing Manager, Josh Saxe. "We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate locally, race together, and support the community along the way. UTC-ButcherBox Cycling has a vast array of powerful riders in the women's and men's field, and we are looking forward to helping elevate their performance, speed, and results with knowledge in play from 135 years of engineering wheels."

UTC-ButcherBox Cycling is one of America's most thrilling race teams, with its athletes tirelessly striving to advance the sport of cycling, push the boundaries of performance, and uplift the communities and partners they engage with. The team seamlessly blends performance, wellness, creativity, and technology into an exhilarating experience like no other. UTC-ButcherBox Cycling has earned a reputation for its action-packed racing style, unwavering fighting spirit, and incredibly approachable and fun-loving attitude. At the heart of the team's high-performance ethos lies a commitment to top-quality nutrition and the relentless pursuit of unlocking maximum human potential.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mavic," said Dino Piskopanis, Executive Director of UTC-ButcherBox Cycling, "joining the esteemed legacy of this influential and globally renowned brand in cycling. Mavic's groundbreaking concepts, designs, and unwavering commitment to excellence have shaped the cycling industry. Together, we are committed to continuing to foster positive and all-inclusive growth in the world of cycling, and we are thrilled to be a part of Mavic's remarkable journey.

The team will be riding a variety of Mavic products including Mavic's Ultimate and Cosmic road wheelsets that provide a balance of lightweight, stiffness and aerodynamics that is unmatched. "I'm excited to see the team racing on the Cosmic SLR family of wheels," said Saxe. "These are particularly exciting, as they are tubeless, but without tape. Each wheel drops 30g of weight at the outermost part of the wheel because no tape is needed. The result in racing means not just reduced weight, but an exaggerated ability to accelerate and punch in the peloton."

UTC-ButcherBox Cycling won US Speedweek in 2023, and took podiums at several of the monuments in US bike racing like Tulsa and Armed forces. The team is looking forward to continuing to uplift US criterium racing and the entire cycling community through excellent competition, positive atmosphere, and a welcoming community.

Team Roster
Men: Eddy Huntsman, Dušan Kalaba, Andrew Giniat, Peter Olejniczak, Joseph Lupien, Nicolas Côté, Simon Daniels, Pavel Kalaba
Women: Kaitlyn Agnew, Melanie Wong, Gillian Bennett, Rachel Canning


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