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Reid Bikes Has Planted 250,000 Trees!

Published January 29, 2024

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We’re absolutely thrilled to share that we have hit a very exciting milestone!

We have now planted 250,000 trees under our #BuyOnePlantOne pledge with Eden Reforestation Projects.

We want to ensure that the environments we love to explore stay healthy, so for every product purchased from Reid, whether it's a bike, a scooter, or any water sports, we plant a tree in its honour. We want to ensure that future generations, including our children and their children, can continue to enjoy the outdoors in the way nature intended. It's a promise to give back and make a positive lasting impact on our planet.

Why is sustainability important to Reid?

As we work primarily in the bike industry, we are lovers of the great outdoors. Whilst we design and manufacture products that promote environmentally friendly travel and leisure, we also appreciate that there is still an environmental cost for the manufacture of these products.

This is why we created our environmental pledge to demonstrate our commitment to reducing our own environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. We hoped that it would inspire others in our industry to do the same. Many already do, but sadly not all.

How can others promote sustainability?

Individuals can make conscious efforts to live more sustainably, through basic choices they make each day such as recycling more household waste, or choosing products that use recycled materials in their packaging, or of course travelling by bike instead of a car.

There has been a big shift in consumer spending towards brands that take more action around their environmental impact. This shows that individuals are more aware of the environmental impacts their tangible goods create. This is a great thing for the planet, as businesses can make a huge difference globally. They should take their environmental responsibility seriously, and lead by example or customers will shop elsewhere from those who do promote CSR.

How else does Reid contribute to a more sustainable environment?

When we launched our Environmental pledge a few years ago, it was related to Reid branded products only. Over the last three years, our Private Label Products business has grown to eclipse the volume of Reid branded products we make. 

So from January 2023 we decided to include PLP in our pledge. This has massively increased the volume of trees we have been able to have planted. Other measures beyond this that we have implemented are:

  • We removed over 75% of plastic from our bike packaging in the last two years, and continue to work to reduce this further.

  • We have carried out a supply CSR audit with our primary bike manufacturer in Asia using independent auditing companies.

  • When international air travel is essential, we offset the CO2.

  • We hire electric cars when overseas where feasible (journey dependant).

  • We have had an electric car charge point at our UK office for staff to use to encourage staff who travel by car to go electric.

  • We encourage staff to travel by bike and of course charge at work.

Kind Regards,

Rob Akam
CEO - Reid Group

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