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Oh Wow Cycles Announces Ambitious Plans to Expand Dealer Network

Published October 15, 2023

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 Continuing Its Commitment to Quality E-Bike Manufacturing and Customer Service

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 2023 - Oh Wow Cycles, founded by serial entrepreneur Ash Soliman, has announced its intent to aggressively grow its dealer network, underlining its commitment to bringing its premium e-bikes closer to the community. The announcement comes as a strategic move to increase the brand's footprint nationwide.

In 2019, following heart surgery, Ash Soliman was introduced to the world of e-bikes during a trip to Big Bear Mountain, California. The exhilaration and ease of using e-bikes spurred him to develop "Oh Wow Cycles," a venture that champions the fusion of fitness, fun, and eco-friendly transportation.

"A traditional workout became dull for me. But with e-bikes, not only did I find a fulfilling way to exercise, I discovered the thrill of exploration without boundaries," commented Ash. "Our goal with expanding our dealer network is to allow more individuals to experience this 'Oh Wow!' moment and to ensure they receive top-notch support throughout their journey."

Today, with its growing popularity, Oh Wow Cycles aims to:

Drive more dealer leads nationwide, significantly increasing the brand's presence in cities across the US.

Prioritize dealer sales over online sales, ensuring customers have hands-on experiences and personalized services when choosing their perfect e-bike.

Deliver complete support to both dealers and end-users, with a focus on fostering long-lasting partnerships and providing unparalleled post-sale services.

Dealers interested in partnering with Oh Wow Cycles can expect a comprehensive package of support, training, and exclusive opportunities, ensuring a mutual growth trajectory in the rapidly evolving e-bike market.

For more information on Oh Wow Cycles, or to become a dealer, please contact [Contact Information].

About Oh Wow Cycles:

Inspired by a personal journey towards fitness and health, Oh Wow Cycles was founded by Ash Soliman. Offering premium e-bikes that align with a vision of quality and enjoyment, the

company is at the forefront of promoting fitness, reducing carbon emissions, and providing a delightful transportation alternative. For more information, visit

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