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NBDA Bicycle Industry E Bike Safety & Standards Panel Unites to Propel Safe E-Bike Adoption in the U.S.

Published September 19, 2023

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Irvine, CA – September 18, 2023 – The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) Bicycle Industry E Bike Safety & Standards Panel convened on September 12, 2023, to address critical concerns regarding electric bicycles (e-bikes) in the United States. The panel's discussions revolved around De Minimis reform, the implementation of a 3 class e-bike classification system, the best way to accelerate the proliferation of safe and regulated devices in US markets, and the challenges faced by commercial and multifamily building owners and management companies, particularly in New York City (NYC), in managing e-bike usage. 

The panel, composed of industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders, deliberated extensively on these pressing issues and recognized the importance of standardized regulations and safety measures for e-bikes. The outcomes of the meeting include a commitment from panel members to work unitedly towards proposed action steps on each agenda item.

Key Highlights of the Panel Discussion:

  • De Minimis Reform: The panel addressed the need for De Minimis reform to harmonize regulations and reduce trade barriers for e-bikes, ensuring that legitimate manufacturers can bring their products to the U.S. market more efficiently. They discussed strategies to streamline the process, which would facilitate a more extensive selection of high-quality e-bikes for consumers. The panel is working on united approval for an open letter to the industry supporting the PeopleForBikes lobbying effort to carve out an exemption for ebikes and the lithium-ion batteries for ebikes and ebike conversion kits – and encouraging retailers and suppliers to write letters to their representatives and senators supporting this exemption.
  • Three-Class E-Bike Classification System: To enhance safety and clarity for e-bike users, the panel explored the three-class classification system relevance and importance. The panel is reviewing a proposal for an education initiative to explain that the 3-class ebike classification system is for e-bike use and the CPSC has and uses a definition of a “bicycle” that is inclusive of e-bikes for product safety standards. 

 Challenges for Commercial and Multifamily Building Owners in NYC: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by building owners and management companies in cities like NYC, where e-bike usage is prevalent, the panel discussed strategies to address these challenges. Their aim is to create guidelines and infrastructure improvements that support the safe and responsible use of e-bikes in urban settings. A draft Protocol for ebike and lithium-ion battery safety for commercial and multifamily building owners and management companies will be circulated for review and approval at the next quarterly Panel webinar.

 Best way to Accelerate the Proliferation of Safe and Regulated Devices in US Market: A consensus was reached recognizing the need to establish the highest possible voluntary product safety standards in order to lobby the Congress, States and CPSC for a mandatory product safety standard. A draft Protocol for ebike and lithium-ion battery propulsion system safety standards based on the testimony before CPSC July 27, starting with testing and certification to voluntary, third-party UL 2849 and UL 2271 and harmonization with applicable European standards, and that could lead to proposed model mandatory regulation will be prepared and circulated to the Panel prior to the next quarterly webinar.

 A recording of the forum is available for viewing on the NBDA YouTube Channel

 The NBDA Bicycle Industry E-Bike Safety & Standards Panel acknowledges that fostering the growth of e-bikes in the U.S. requires a collaborative approach. The panel members are committed to working together to develop concrete action steps and recommendations in the coming months. These steps will be aimed at enhancing safety, increasing consumer confidence, and ensuring that e-bikes become a reliable and sustainable mode of transportation nationwide. Follow up on the topics above will be drafted and reviewed at the December meeting. 

 Heather Mason, NBDA President stated, "The discussions at our recent panel meeting reflect our collective commitment to advancing the e-bike industry responsibly. We are excited to embark on this journey of collaboration and advocacy to ensure that e-bikes are an integral part of the sustainable transportation landscape in the United States."


For further information about the NBDA Bicycle Industry E Bike Safety & Standards Panel and to participate or attend the next panel meeting in December visit here


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