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New Marketplace Aims to Solve The Overstock Issue

Published March 14, 2023

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Denver, Colorado - March 14, 2023 - A new Bicycle Specific Marketplace will soon launch to help bike shops and brand representatives reduce their inventory. The platform provides an innovative solution that will enable dealers to trade bikes and parts directly with other dealers. Go Bike Go includes an intuitive interface that makes it easy to add, track and sell items. Brand representatives can also use the platform to help manage their territories.
The platform has been developed by a team of bike industry and marketplace veterans. The team identified the need for a more time efficient and networked approach to inventory throughput. With this platform, bike shops can easily find a home for their unwanted inventory, help customers find what they are looking for and give brand representatives greater visibility of their dealer network. Excess inventory, the wrong mix of inventory, running out of space and renting storage units will all be a thing of the past with Go Bike Go in place. 

"Most of what I do is sit behind a computer and try to locate bicycles for different bike shops. I'm looking forward to getting back to the core of what my job is, to interact with bike shops and show them new products." – Joe Anderson, Rocky Mountain Bikes sales representative.
To learn more about this groundbreaking platform and get started, go to and sign up by April 15th, 2023 for a “fix this mess” discounted rate.
At Go Bike Go Bicycle Marketplace, our mission is simple: develop a better and more efficient bike market. We aim to create giant leaps forward in inventory management, communication and product support for all involved. We believe that the backbone is bike shops and their power is yet to be discovered. As a technology company, we innovate for the industry. As enthusiasts, we are excited to get more people riding bikes.
“Every part of Go Bike Go is built to naturally fit into the busiest bike shop environment. It creates efficiencies instead of adding extra work.“ – Scott Taylor, Chief Product Officer

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