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Trivel Enters Us E-Trike Market And Looking For New Dealers

Published February 1, 2023

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Following its rapid growth and local success with its Independent Bike Dealers, Canadian-based and e-trike leading company, Trivel has decided to enter the US market with its unique, innovative, ergonomic, and UL-certified tricycle product offering.

As mentioned by Olivier Lajoie, company CEO, "Trivel's number one goal is to make a difference in people's lives and help increase cycling's popularity by making it available to everyone".

Lajoie also shared on how the perception and demand for e-trikes have positively shifted over the past 5 years. Where it was once challenging for the company to convince dealers to stock on product, Trivel is now receiving pre-orders for large quantities. Their secret: countless design and engineering hours yielding a wide range of safe, visually appealing, and fun e-trike models for different needs.

To offer its new US selling partners a premium experience, Trivel recently opened a distribution center in Warwick, RI, and working to establish a second one on the West Coast. Scheduled to open in February 2023. Additionally, all delivered trikes are test-ridden, 100% assembled, and stackable to help save on storage space!

Trivel will be at various dealer events in 2023 and kick things off at CABDA MIDWEST Expo in Chicago on Feb. 8-9, booth # 810.

Based in Eastern Canada, Trivel has been a tricycle pioneer for the last 25 years where its engineering and manufacturing practices of trikes and e-trikes have led them to become a leading and innovative authority in this product category. Their mission is to make cycling an enjoyable and accessible outdoor experience accessible to everyone through its adult, industrial or orthopedic divisions. Visit to find out more.

For all trike questions and inquiries, get in touch and discuss with Trivel:

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