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Serotta begins partnership with Prestacycle

Published January 23, 2023

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Rexford, New York, Jan. 24, 2023, Prestacycle announced today a partnership with the legendary brand Serotta Cycles. The Serotta brand, first started in 1972, was relaunched by Ben Serotta in 2020 with a return to its roots: made-to-order, high performance, personalized custom bicycles. Prestacycle will be supplying its versatile multi-tool, the TorqRatchet Pro that will be included with every Serotta bicycle sold.

David Finlayson, President and founder of Prestacycle says: "Working with Serotta holds a very special place for me personally. Ben Serotta was there the day I became a cyclist. I had walked into a shop in Saratoga Springs, NY called "The Bicycle Shop". I was ready to buy my first racing bike with the money I had earned on my Newspaper route. Full racks on the back of my Schwinn Collegiate 5 speed had given me power, and now I was ready for speed. As I picked-out an off-the-rack bargain appropriate for my budget, I asked about the person in the open loft upstairs, welding frames. It was Ben Serotta. Possibly building an Olympic bike, or maybe just the next bike for one of his customers. It was at-that moment I was bitten – not just by the sport, but also by the industry. It took decades to get there, but that inspiration was what led me to find my way. I've always followed Serotta with great admiration. Thank you Ben Serotta, and welcome to Prestacycle."

Serotta's headquarters is 12 miles north of Prestacycle, creating an optimal circumstance for a productive industry partnership. Prestacycle's TorqRatchet Pro Wallet set is the perfect tool for cyclists to use for new bike assembly, adjustment and repairs on the road that also require torque spec to ensure proper use and prevent failure. The wallet comes with all the essential S2 nickel-plated hardened non-marring ¼ hex bits, 2nm-10nm torque range and easy carry wallet case.

"Our business is not just about building one perfectly unique bicycle at a time. Our process of building the perfect bicycle starts by getting to know each cyclist. Then we build a relationship while building the right bicycle. These are relationships we cherish and hope to continue to nurture well past the first ride. Making sure that our customers have the tools and confidence to take care of minor adjustments is part of building that relationship. Presenting each of our clients with a beautiful and practical accessory tool is a great beginning to the aftercare support we hope to develop" said Ben Serotta.

Brandon Hirokawa, Global Development Director for Prestacycle says: "Demand from bicycle manufacturers to have accurate torque tools has been a huge growth area for us. To work with Ben and Serotta Cycles is very exciting both personally and professionally for everyone here".

About Prestacycle:

Prestacycle is a USA-based Bicycle tools and components brand with a focus on innovative multi-purpose products ideal for both Consumers and Professional Mechanics. Prestacycle is a strong industry partner with full support for Dealers and Distributors, and additionally offers opportunities to other Bicycle Companies in the form of Product Development, Manufacturing and Private Labeling.

About Serotta:

Ben Serotta began building bicycle frames in 1972 as an apprentice at the custom Witcomb factory in London, England, then under the Serotta name, soon after his return. Serotta bicycles, both badged as Serotta and 'private-labeled' for more than a dozen companies, have been raced to countless podium finishes in Road, TT, Tri, Track and MTB events at every level of the sport. Serotta has been a leading innovator in frame material design, engineering, and construction techniques. His pioneering work focusing on personalized performance attributes can be credited with introducing the modern language of nuanced ride performance. In parallel with bike development, Serotta and the SICI school he founded, led the evolution of bike fitting philosophy and technique while developing the prototypical tools and training that are used in XY grid positional systems, now the basis for modern fitting and construction of the modern bicycle across all brands.

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