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Husqvarna E-Bicycles Unveils All New Mountain Cross Range

Published January 17, 2023

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With rider-focused engineering and technical refinement, Husqvarna E-Bicycles has just released the details of its all-new Mountain Cross range of EMTBs.

The Mountain Cross range encourages epic days in the saddle and offers 150mm of suspension travel, a versatile 29/27.5" wheel set, large output Shimano EP8 motors and large capacity batteries—all without sacrificing lightweight flickability. With the Mountain Cross 4 already starting to arrive in Husqvarna dealers, the range will be broadened to include the entry level Mountain Cross 2, Mountain Cross 5 and the Mountain Cross 6, all set to arrive later throughout 2023.

The heart of any EMTB is of course its frame and the Mountain Cross 4, 5, and 6 all feature a new lightweight carbon frameset with a number of innovative features which ensure clean battery and motor integration as well as class-leading aesthetics.

The entirety of the Mountain Cross line was compelled by what Husqvarna engineers termed the "Intuitive Dynamic Rider" concept—namely that the bike should be an intuitive tool regardless of the rider's skill or the terrain, providing direct feedback in every situation and delivering a predictable, confidence-inspiring ride experience. In order to achieve this a new saddle position was developed which positions the rider lower and more centrally over the bike which now has longer chain stays, a lower bottom bracket, and a slightly raised handlebar position.

Also integral to the range is an all-new supportive dynamic chassis designed for drivetrain efficiency. Stiff and lightweight, this serves to convert the rider's pedaling force into forward momentum and agility that can be felt on the trail. With serviceability and longevity in mind, all of the rear triangles of the new Mountain Cross range employ the same interchangeable bearings, axels, and screw fittings, translating to fewer spare parts for both dealers and consumers and ensuring that damaged components can be easily replaced such that a customer can quickly return to the trail.

All-new Mountain Cross models feature free standing motors, which are able to dissipate heat from every surface as well as batteries which dispel excess heat via an innovative ventilation grille on the head tube. In conjunction, these cooling features prevent the unnecessary buildup of heat, which can result in a loss of power and reduction of range.

The Mountain Cross 2 features a completely new aluminum frame, which weighs nearly 700g less than its predecessor and features internal cable routing and easily accessible charging port.

Customers can find the first all-new Mountain Cross MC4 models in authorized dealers in the U.S. today, and in Canada this Spring, with continued delivery of additional new models including the MC2, MC5 and MC6 throughout 2023.


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