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Georger Data Services Expands Dealer List Offerings

Published August 8, 2019

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 Boulder, CO: Industry data wizard Christopher Georger has a new website, a new good-better-best retailer list offering and a new approach to marketing and sales by partnering with Growth Cycle’s Ray Keener.

 “Our standard ‘good’ list of 7000 bike shops is still available for $2500,” noted Georger. “We now offer a ‘better’ list for $3500 that includes all the bike brands carried by all 7000 shops, and a ‘best” list for $5000 that plots demographic census data and estimated market revenue on a dynamic Google Earth data map for all the shops.”

 Keener originally convinced Georger to offer the dealer list to the industry earlier this year. “Christopher reigns as the data master of the US bike industry for the last two decades,” Keener said. “I’m helping him get his message and his products out to a wider audience while he spends his energy creating new opportunities for both retailers and suppliers.”

 A new GDS product to launch in September will help retailers evaluate and profit from their market area by analyzing the demographics and spending patterns of zip codes within a 20-minute drive time of their stores. 

 For more information about the GDS Bike Shop List, visit, or connect with Keener at or call (303) 442-2466.

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