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Clothes Doctor and Stolen Goat announce Kit Amnesty

Published August 6, 2019

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Clothes Doctor and premium cycling brand Stolen Goat are incredibly proud and excited to announce their cycling Kit Amnesty, a first of its kind initiative that aims to renew pr­­eloved cycling kit of any brand, colour or type, to then be gifted to budding cyclists in the UK and beyond.

The Kit Amnesty will encourage cyclists to declutter their cycling wardrobes over a two week period starting 22nd July, in return for discounted new Stolen Goat Kit; the pre-loved kit will then be repaired and renewed by Clothes Doctor, to be donated to UK-based charity Gift Your Gear, who will hand it over to teenagers and adults who may not otherwise be able to afford such garments.

Cycling can be an expensive sport and we believe that this initiative will build grass roots talent whilst also giving the kit a second life.

Clothes Doctor and Stolen Goat are aligned in their mission to reduce the impact of outdoor clothing on waste and prevent textiles from ending up in landfill, so our Kit Amnesty aims to close the loop when previously loved kit is no longer wanted or in wearable condition.

Marcus Thompson, Co-founder of Clothes Doctor commented: "I believe this industry first initiative will bring a lot of pleasure to all parties. Those individuals will be drawn together by a mutual passion for cycling and a common bond over a preloved garment that is refreshed to be given a second life...

Clothes Doctor is aware of our responsibility to keep clothing of all kinds in use and in favour for as long as we can and hope this is the first of many such initiatives with Stolen Goat, a company we have long held an affinity with and with which we share many common goals. I hope we can inspire the old generation to declutter and the new wave to pick up the cycling bug that may last a lifetime"

Andy Gorman, Operations Director of Stolen Goat, commented: "We wanted to find a way to keep our customers loving their kit for as long as possible and the excellent team at Clothes Doctor fit the bill perfectly....

"Our ground-breaking partnership means we can offer our customers a lifetime guarantee on all clothing, minimising waste and ensuring they can enjoy their kit for many years to come. Moving forwards with Clothes Doctor on the Kit Amnesty feels like the natural next step and we are delighted to have found a way to help find new homes for it all thanks to the wonderful Gift Your Gear."

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