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KMC Restructures its Product Line and Packaging

Published August 2, 2019

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La Verne, California – KMC Chain, the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle chains, has recently restructured some of their product line and updated all packaging. A newly created e-series has been designed and developed to meet the demanding needs of e-bike users. With a special production process developed for the new e-series, riveting plays a major role in significantly reducing chain breakage. Major issues such as faulting shifting or shifting while under extreme load are common problems with e-bikes and their users. KMC Chain is confident the new e-series is a major improvement in both strength and shifting performance for any rider making the switch.

 For e-series chains, the same philosophy applies as on all other KMC Chains. The e1 is recognizable as a hub and or single speed chain, while e9, e10, and e11 account for their corresponding derailleur systems. KMC e101 has a very special position in the e-series offering; a 10,000km+ warranty when used in conjunction with wide KMC Sprockets and Chainrings.  

 When tasked with introducing new packaging, it was critical that the new material is recyclable and provides a professional presentation. KMC Chain has made the switch from their older laminated cardboard box to a newer Polypropylene case. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and the new case allows consumers to see the complete product while retailers will benefit from its increased durability. The transparent case ensures a high-end and professional presentation.

 KMC Chain is constantly striving to reduce its CO2 emissions. With ongoing projects aimed at reducing packaging and other materials, KMC Chain has been offering dealers either bulk packaging of 25 chains or 500-ft reels to save both costs and use of materials. 

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