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Group Rossignol Canada assumes sales & distribution for Felt Bicycles, Time Sports, and The Rossignol bike brand in Canada

Published December 10, 2018

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Groupe Rossignol Canada Inc. (GRC) announces three new hires for its Bicycle Division, which includes the Felt Bicycles, Time Sports, and Rossignol Bike brands. As of December 1, 2018, Carol Adams, co-founder and head of Spaso Sports Inc., joins the company as Sales Manager Bike Division for GRC. Two of Spaso's employees, Guillaume Roy, and Ludovic Verrault-Caron have been hired as GRC's Bike Division Product Manager and Customer Service/Tech Support Coordinator, respectively. Spaso's current independent sales representatives will continue to work with the Felt Bicycles and TIme Sports brands under GRC.

Jim Hunter, VP Operations & CFO for Group Rossignol North America, said, "Spaso Sports has done a great job for Felt and Time going back many years. Bringing them on board with Rossignol makes sense as they will devote one hundred percent of their time to servicing our customers and growing the Felt, Time, and Rossignol Bike brands in Canada. We warmly welcome them to the Rossignol team."

All sales, service, and distribution functions for GRC will continue without interruption as the team transitions to its new location at Rossignol's Montreal office. Distribution continues out of the Rossignol warehouse in Granby, Quebec.

Sales & Administrative Offices:

Groupe Rossignol Canada Inc.
3700 St Patrick - Suite 326
Montreal, QC H4E 1A2, Canada
T: 514.933.9971

Calls and emails to the Spaso office will continue until the transition is fully implemented. Contact information thereafter is noted below:

Carol Adams:; ext 5281; accepting calls after 12/15
Guillaume Roy:; ext 5278; accepting calls after 12/15
Ludovic Verrault-Caron:; ext 5277; accepting calls after 12/15

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