Taipei Cycle Show

Posted March 17, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Taiwan’s new president, Ma Ying-jeou, opened the 22nd annual Taipei Cycle Show telling a packed room of international guests that Taiwan is now the world’s most important market for innovative and high-quality parts and bicycles.

Posted March 12, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Grumbling over Taipei Cycle’s timing and its isolated new venue can still be heard, but everyone who is anyone in the bicycle industry will come together there this week.

Posted February 5, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—In Motion Asia, Taiwan’s leading bike tour operator, will be putting on some exciting bike tours both during, and before and after, this year’s Taipei Cycle Show, allowing visitors the perfect opportunity to mix business with leisure, experiencing first-hand the world-class riding on offer in

Posted December 2, 2008

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—A financial storm may be raging over the world economy, but the sun is still shining on the Taipei Cycle show.

Show organizers said Tuesday that Taipei Cycle 2009 is already sold out and is expected to be modestly larger than last year’s show.

Posted April 1, 2008


TAIPEI, Taiwan—Jay Graves was walking the aisles at the Taipei International Cycle Show when he bumped into Tony Lo, Giant’s chief executive officer; their conversation quickly turned to how consumers will react to higher bicycle prices.

Posted March 14, 2008

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—The outlook for the bicycle industry may depend on which side of the Atlantic one sits, two magazine publishers told Taiwan’s industry elite Thursday.

Posted March 13, 2008

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Taiwan’s president topped the crowd of dignitaries marking the official opening of the Nangang Exhibition Hall Thursday and the start of the Taipei Cycle show.

Posted March 9, 2008

DUARTE, CA (BRAIN)—Dahon is chartering a full-size city bus, the Dahon Last Mile Bus, for all Taipei Cycle Show attendees.

This is a green effort aimed at reducing the need for hundreds of individual taxis to drive people to the show.


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