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September wasn't so bad: Leisure Trends restates its report

Published November 18, 2013
The news is still not great, but 29er sales actually grew a bit.

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) — September bikes sales at IBDs weren't quite so bad as  initially reported.

Leisure Trends has corrected and restated its RetailTrak IBD sales summary for the month. "Shortly after we published September data last week, we noticed anomalies that resulted in an overstatement of the month’s decline from September 2012. The subsequent investigation led us to adjust the projection calculations. The changes resulted in smaller declines than initially reported," said senior retail analyst Elisabeth Stahura.

The report initially showed that IBD merchandise sales fell 11 percent to $252 million, compared with September 2012. The restated numbers show those sales fell just 6 percent, to $265 million.

And while the initial report showed what was thought to be the first decline in 29er sales since Leisure Trends began tracking the big-wheeled mountain bikes as a separate category, the restated numbers showed that sales of 29ers were up 2 percent in the month.

Also in September: Bicycles slipped 4 percent in units and dollars to total $134 million. Most major bike categories were down, with the exception of transit/fitness bikes."This generally under-the-radar category reached 57,000 units, a 12 percent increase over September 2012. With a $561 average retail sales price, transit/fitness dollars climbed 11 percent to $32 million," Leisure Trends said.

Road bikes fell 6 percent to sit at $48 million and mountain bikes crashed 13 percent to $36 million. While 29ers eked out the 2 percent increase, 26-inch mountain bike sales plummeted 33 percent. Twenty-niners and 26-inch models totaled $22 million and $13 million, respectively.

Restated September 2013 vs. September 2012 dollar sales:

  • All Bicycles: -4%
  • Road Bikes: -6%
  • Mountain Bikes: -13%
  • Transit/Fitness Bikes: +11%
  • Lifestyle/Leisure Bikes: -5%
  • Shoes: -15%
  • Apparel: -17%
  • Aftermarket Parts: -6%
  • Aftermarket Accessories: -7%

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