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Imports down 1.3 million bikes in first half

Published August 9, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN) — Bike suppliers continue to put on the brakes, cutting bike imports 15 percent over the first half of the year. Though the slowdown is mostly imports of mass-market kid’s bikes, 26-inch imports also are down 9 percent. Bike builders in China are feeling the brunt of the slow U.S. market, as factories there have shipped 1.3 million fewer bikes than they did last year.

Imports of sidewalk bikes are down 589,682 bikes, a 24 percent decline, and 20-inch imports are down 365,812 bikes. Mass-market suppliers are still stinging from a slow ’12 holiday season and continue to work on cleaning out the supply chain. 

Adult categories are better, but not by much. Imports of bikes using 700c wheels — road, hybrid and 29ers — saw a modest increase of 7,187 bikes, a 1 percent increase in business. However, the average value of 700c bikes jumped 45 percent, from $255 last year to $370 this year. 

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