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TRP recalling some disc brake calipers

Published December 10, 2013

OGDEN, UT (BRAIN) — Tektro USA/TRP Brakes has issued a voluntary recall notice for about 4,000 TRP Spyre and Spyre SLC mechanical disc brake calipers.

The company is asking consumer to stop riding bikes equipped with the brakes. The company said it has filed a report with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

"We have identified a specific condition that could result in failure or one or both of the brakes when installed on a bicycle," TRP said in a statement Tuesday.

The Spyre caliper uses a dual piston design in which ball bearings move within opposing ramps. We have discovered that in a specific scenario, the balls can be forced from the ramps if the actuator arm is fully activated to its stop with excessively worn or no pads installed.

The effect is that the one or more of the balls can jump from its position within its respective ramp, resulting in a reduction or loss of braking force.

TRP said the recall applies to calipers sold from April this year through last Friday, Dec. 6. There has been one reported incident of a single caliper brake failure with no injury or property damage.

Customers are asked to take their Spyre or Spyre SLC’s back to the original place of purchase or to contact Tektro USA/TRP Brakes Customer Service to arrange a return shipment.

All Spyre and Spyre SLC calipers are being replaced free of charge.

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