It all comes down to Money, Risk, and Chinese New Year

How do you get rich marketing to a non-enthusiast customer base?

In terms of which brands are tops in which shops and/or markets, it’s not Trek, Giant, or Specialized that leads the pack.

The latest NSGA numbers point to what might be a turnaround for the US bicycle business. Or not.

A darker and often overlooked side to "flat sales."

Holy smokes someone is finally figuring out how to build an ebike.

Are flat bike sales for the past 35 years a good thing or a bad thing?

If the industry is serious about reaching beyond its enthusiast comfort zone, there is no shortage of ways to do so.

For the umpteenth year, the most discussed topic at BLC was: How do we welcome that Casual, Non-Enthusiast rider?

You might get lucky rolling out an alternative to paid advertising and do it less expensively.

A move to embrace non-enthusiast categories may turn out to be a pretty big deal.

BLC-style meetings can act as industry-wide catalysts for change.

Communities across the USA are stepping up to create bike-friendly communities on their own

We've had 20 years of zero net growth in this industry. So what are we going to do about it?

A Kansas retailer responds to Rick Vosper's blog

Why do companies keep advertising bikes that 99% of consumers don't buy in magazines that 99% of consumers don't read?

What the bike biz has to teach Mad Men's Don Draper about the cutting-edge discipline of Content Marketing.

The press is working up a head of steam towards another round of stories about how the Usual Suspects did not invent the mountain bike.

An urban cycling apparel maker responds to Rick Vosper's blog about Levi's.

In much of the third world bicycles are capital equipment. You can change a life for $150.


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