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Sea Otter Product Picks Day 1

Published April 16, 2009


Cane Creek's new headset, Aer, offers 50 percent weight savings over competing headsets, weighing in at 45 grams. "The enabling technology to achieve that weight is a composite bearing," said Cane Creek's Josh Coaplan. "This is not to displace ball bearing headsets. This is a superlight, racing application." Hitting retailers in June for $125.


Continental has two new downhill tires with The Rain King (right) and Der Kaiser (left). Both feature Conti’s black chili compound, with a super gooey, tacky, fast rolling compound. “That’s a major breakthrough for Conti because we haven’t really played in the DH category in the past," said Conti's Brett Hahn. Both retail for $80.


Crankbrothers did something special to launch its new Iodine wheelset. “We did this great pre-registration where people could sign up to demo a set of Crankbrothers wheels and race on them here. If they podium, they win. Beginner to pro, any race. Fifty-four pre-registered," said Crankbrothers' Christina Orlandella. Front weight: 870 grams. Rear weight: 995 grams. Retail: $1000.


The Seca 900 features a custom beam pattern, where each reflector is a different shape. With a lot of the LED lights on the market, it’s just a blob of light. Retail: $799.99.


Preorders started this Monday for the new Blur LT Carbon, which is being gobbled up by consumers, as Santa Cruz makes another entry into the carbon market. “You can only take aluminum so far, and make it so thin before it starts to become flexy. Whereas, carbon you can do a lot of things to make it stiff, where you want it stiff, and light where you want it to be light," said Santa Cruz's Scott Turner. “The carbon thing for us is obviously a big new direction." Retail: $2,399 (frame). Complete $3,700 - $6,500. Weight: 5.6 pounds (frame).


Simbree makes energy bars, energy bites and granola for bikers. “Our national distribution is mainly in bike shops, but we also have a lot in natural food grocers in the northwest region. Very easy to stow in the backpack," said Simbree owner Sally Virgin. Retail: $4.99-$5.99 (pack).


WTB's Limited Edition Signature Silverado from Brian Lopes. It’s Lopes' design along with his friend—a well known artist in LA. “We’ve done hundreds of custom saddles, with athletes and teams throughout the years. People will actually be able to buy this one," said WTB's Dain Zaffke. Features a stopwatch design, which is appropriate considering Lopes’ whole life revolves around time. Retail: $150-$165. Available in late summer.


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