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No More GT in SoCal

Published April 2, 2009

So by now I'm sure everyone's read about Dorel's plan to consolidate its offices and move Cannondale's U.S. manufacturing overseas. And I know the big story (in most everybody's eyes) is the manufacturing angle, but to me lost in the shuffle is GT entirely cutting its SoCal ways by eventually closing the Lake Forest office.

 I know, I know, GT's SoCal roots went away after Wisconsin-based Pacific Cycle purchased GT back in 2001. Then came the decision to put GT bike in the mass, etc, etc. But for this California kid, who grew up riding GT BMX offerings like the Pro Performer, GT will (in my eyes) always represent SoCal. Guys like Mark Peterman and Robert Kahler who work at the Lake Forest office epitomize GT's SoCal history. I'll miss shooting up there "on the 5" from time to check out product, and basically relive those memories from my youth. You know, rockin' the pegs and those fold-up fork standers, spinning around on your handlebars trying to imitate the pro freestyle guys that you saw in BMX Plus.

I've already heard more than one person say (when talking about Cannondale ending U.S. manufacturing): "It's the end of an era." This California kid wholeheartedly agrees: "It's the end of an era for GT." 


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