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Lance and Twitter: The Injury (A Recap)

Published March 24, 2009

Yesterday was the day that Lance and Twitter had the chance to make history. We'd follow his every move and he'd reward us with the play by play of how it all went down, and how he's going to come back stronger than ever.

So it was yesterday, where serious cycling journalists across the globe positioned themselves in front of their monitors like a bunch of giddy junior high students with their URLs tuned to In under 140 characters or less they'd learn more about Lance's broken collarbone, whether he would be ready for the Tour de France, and so on and so forth.

Before posting their final stories and heading off to bed, they all knew they'd get that tweet that would separate themselves from the pack; they'd get the tweet that would make their stories glow above the rest...

"Sitting here with @johanbruyneel at his house. Glass of wine, cheese and crackers. Now going to bed."

C'mon, Lance, what the hell was that? Was it a Pinot, Cab, or Merlot? Goat cheese, Brie cheese, or what? You can do better than this, Lance! I mean, c'mon, the wife yelled at me for not tucking the kid in for bed, and for what? If it bleeds it leads...but all I have is wine and cheese...

Well, I guess the day's not out yet, there's always a chance that Lance will grab a midnight snack: (One can dream)

"Raiding Bruyneel's fridge. Damn, French's mustard! French bread! French fries! Yo, Johan, we've got to talk!!!."

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