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Dealers to Follow in Absalon's Tire Tracks

Published October 16, 2007

TRENTON, NJ (BRAIN)—Recently at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Fort William, Scotland, Julian Absalon collected his fifth consecutive cross-country title.

Not only did he appear to be floating on air as he sailed to victory, Absalon rode on Hutchinson’s new Tubeless Ready tires, which will make their North American debut at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo in Boulder Canyon, Nevada starting September 24.

Dealers that stop by Hutchinson’s Booth 2141 (right across from Rocky Mountain and Shimano) will get a chance to demo the new lineup of Tubeless Ready tires as they do their best Absalon imitation floating on air up the demanding Boulder Canyon trail system.

After last years successful launch of Road Tubeless tires, Hutchinson Tire engineers and product managers have signaled their commitment to a new wave of mountain bike tire design that seems poised to answer the needs of the majority of today’s riders. Imagine a tire that can be safely converted from a tube type to tubeless without sacrificing weight or performance. This new concept will be a boon for both dealers and OE manufacturers alike.

Tubeless Ready tires, which will be up to 25 percent lighter than standard tubeless, feature Hutchinson’s tried and true tubeless bead creating a tight lock on any UST rim when the tire is set up as tubeless. Because the tires forgo the air tight rubber skim used on standard tubeless tires, installation with Hutchinson’s latex based FastAir sealant is compulsory. The tires can be just as easily set up as standard tube type tires using an inner tube.

“We feel that the current trend of converting tube type mountain bike tires to tubeless using sealants is a trend that must be recognized and addressed,” said Adam Micklin, Hutchinson Tires North America’s sales and marketing manager. “For riders making these conversions, it’s both a weight and performance issue. Our new Tubeless Ready line of tires is focused squarely at these riders, giving them a tire that not only provides that valuable weight savings and plush tubeless ride but also offers a guaranteed bead/rim lock as well as ease of installation.”

The new Tubeless Ready tire line will include the popular Python and new Python 29er as well as the Piranha and Bulldog models.

In addition to offering test rides on Tubeless Ready equipped mountain bikes from their ODD Booth 2141, Hutchinson will have a line-up of road bikes mounted with Road Tubeless tires available for testing. Scott Bicycles have outfitted both their road and MTB demo fleets with Hutchinson’s new tubeless tires and Shimano will make available for test its new Dura-Ace wheels mounted with Road Tubeless tires.

Dealers who don’t attend the ODD can check out Hutchinson’s entire lineup of tires at their Interbike indoor Booth 3377.

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