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Bosch updates its 'smart system' with new riding modes and nav' features

Published March 1, 2023

STUTTGART, Germany (BRAIN) — Bosch eBike Systems has updated the smart system it introduced in 2021, adding more customizable riding modes and new navigation features to its eBike Flow mobile app.

A free update adds two riding modes, eMTB and Tour+, in the eBike Flow app.

The eMTB mode adapts the support in every eMTB situation "dynamically, progressively, and with maximum sensitivity," the company said. Via the settings in the eBike Flow app, users can now decide for themselves whether, and to what degree, they want to change the dynamics, strength, speed, or torque of their e-bike. Lighter e-MTB riders, for example, can adjust the support to further improve their performance on the trail.

For the Tour+ riding mode, the system allows fine-tuning the parameters, for example by reducing the maximum supported speed and thus extending their battery life. The other Bosch riding modes – Race, Sport, Cargo, Turbo, Auto, Tour, and Eco – can already be customized.

Bosch also introduces enhanced navigation functions with the update, promising eBike riders even more precise planning of their routes. In addition to the route profiles for daily rides ("Daily"), leisure rides ("Leisure"), and eMTB trails ("eMTB"), there is now a new "Speed" profile for speed eBikes. This calculates routes that can be traveled with Class 3 eBikes.

In addition to the route profiles, Bosch offers the map detail variants: "Satellite", "MTB Trails," and the new "eBike Heatmap." The latter shows which routes e-bike riders regularly like to use. Via the map detail "MTB Trails," app users can also see which mountain bike trails are nearby. The MTB trails are color-coded according to their level of difficulty. The map detail "Satellite" provides a better overview and more precise information about the surroundings. All three map detail variants can be flexibly selected in all route profiles.

In addition to the integration of the new features, the eBike Flow app is now also offered in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Czech language versions.

The update for the smart system can be downloaded via the eBike Flow app. The latest version can be downloaded from the relevant app store at no additional cost.

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