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Praxis offers 'semi-compact' forged rings

Published August 17, 2012

APTOS, CA (BRAIN) Friday August 17 2012 1:56 PM MT—Praxis Works is now selling a cold-forged chainring set in the increasingly popular 'semi-compact' ring size: 36-52.

The rings are designed to fit five-arm 110 BCD compact cranks. Praxis also makes a version specifically for the Dura Ace 7950 crank, with the appropriate bolts and spacers to fit that crank.

The 36-52 is becoming a popular alternative to the usual 34- or 36-50 compact cranks, offering a top gear almost equal to the typical 39-53 full-size combination.

The semi-compact combination is available on some OE cranks, but Praxis claims to offer the only cold-forged aftermarket set in this size. The cold-forging increases durability and allows optimum ramping and tooth shapes for shifting performance.

They are made of 7075-T6 aluminum and are available dealer direct from Praxis or through distributors. Distributors include BTI in the U.S., Great Western Bicycle Company in Canada, DSG in Australia and UpGrade Bike in the U.K.

The rings have a MSRP of $170 per set.

Praxis 36x52 chainrings

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