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Container of e-bikes valued at more than $500k stolen from British Columbia warehouse

Published March 26, 2024

DELTA, British Columbia (BRAIN) — A 40-foot shipping container with 150 Biktrix e-bikes valued at more than $500,000 — including some 2025 prototypes — was stolen from a warehouse here during the early morning hours of March 19.

According to Delta Police, a white Freightliner semi-tractor with "Ryder" written on the doors entered the warehouse at 1:01 a.m. A man and woman wearing dark clothing exited the truck and connected the trailer and drove away within minutes. The theft was reported 12 hours later to Delta Police.

On Friday, Langley Township officers found an empty semi-trailer illegally parked and missing the license plate that transported the e-bikes, according to police.

Founder and CEO Roshan Thomas said in a post titled "A Call To Action: Stand With Biktrix in a Time of Need," on the Biktrix Electric Bikes website that he's uncertain if the loss will be covered by insurance. "It's a stark reminder of the challenges businesses face in an increasingly uncertain world. Our insurance, meticulously arranged to protect us from sea to shore, fell short at the final hurdle, leaving us in a precarious position as we navigate the complexities of insurance policies and the hope for coverage by our 3PL's insurance."

Delta Police said Biktrix's sharing of evidence through interviews and social media is hampering the investigation. Thomas posted video of the theft, images, and serial numbers on the Biktrix website.

"The response from law enforcement, though earnest, is hampered by limitations and priorities that leave us with little hope for recovery based on their investigation alone," Thomas wrote. "There was a similar event that happened to another B.C. business back in 2022, where thieves took off with four containers of appliances worth $370k and though the containers and trailers were found stranded in random places across B.C., the contents were never to be found. The culprits were arrested and released with a court date and they have gone MIA to date."

Thomas went on to write, "Finding out that the police couldn't even get traffic cam footage without a more serious crime being involved was a tough pill to swallow. This is so much unlike what would transpire in other countries where theft and crime is treated much more seriously. I am not keeping my hopes high on the police finding our bikes.

"This situation has been a gut punch. So, here's where I'm turning to you — our readers, supporters, and friends."

Thomas started the brand in a garage in 2014 and now has 50 employees and three western Canada showrooms in Saskatoon, Vancouver, and Kelowna.

 The Juggernaut FS Step-Thru was among the models stolen.

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