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Germany's Messingschlager acquires Cycle Force Group

Published January 28, 2022

AMES, Iowa (BRAIN) — Cycle Force Group, LLC has been acquired by Messingschlager GmbH, a German distributor. The sale closed on Dec. 31, 2021.

Nyle Nims, Cycle Force's founder, said, "During a year of consolidation, we felt the need to find a partner who is not only financially stable but also shares our core values. Messingschlager is, at its heart, a family business. Cycle Force has always been a family business. This felt like a perfect marriage."

Cycle Force Group and its subsidiary, distributor North America Cycles, have been working with Messingschlager for more than a decade.

"Their core assortment of P&A has always been complementary to our bicycle business," said Matthew Nims, Cycle Force's VP of Marketing and Sales. "What really intrigued us was their approach to electric mobility. The U.S. and Europe are certainly different markets, but there are more similarities than there are differences, and we look forward to sharing these new opportunities with our customers."

Messingschlager has been in the bicycle business for nearly 100 years and claims to have the largest stock of P&A in Europe. Their portfolio includes KMC, Kenda, Velo and their own brand, M-Wave. In 2019, Messingschlager became an exclusive wholesaler for Brose Electric Motor.

"We are very excited to drive our international expansion in the world's most likely No.1 growth market with our well-known and trusted partner Cycle Force Group in the future. Not only that, the company cultures and values of our family businesses are very coherent, but from the entire business model Cycle Force Group and Messingschlager do complement each other in an almost perfect way," said Dennis Schöemburg, the Managing Director and Shareholder of Messingschlager Germany.

The Cycle Force team will continue operating as before. Nyle Nims shifts into a new role as Director of Sales and Business Development.

With more than 50 years on the buying and selling side of the bicycle business, Nims said he is "thrilled to leverage both the business relationships and friendships I have built over the years."

Kobus van der Zel is stepping in as CEO of the new entity. 

The new entity, incorporated as Messingschlager USA, will do business as Cycle Force Group. North America Cycles will operate as their premium sales platform catering to the IBD market while Cycle Force will handle logistics, QC and sourcing.

North America Cycles may be contacted at or by phone at (844) 622-2453.

Left to right: Matthew Nims, Kobus van der Zel and Nyle Nims
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