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Administration extends tariff exclusions for Chinese kids bikes

Published August 6, 2020
Kids bikes from China will get a break from the trade war tariffs until Dec. 31, but some other products will see an extra 25% tariff again starting midnight Friday.

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — The Trump administration has extended tariff exclusions it earlier granted to importers of most kids bikes and a few other bike products from China. The importers had been granted a break from a 25% tariff that was due to expire Friday night. That exclusion will be extended through the end of the calendar year. 

The extended exclusions also apply to some adult single-speed and 3-speed coaster brake bikes, some folding bikes, some carbon fiber frames, some saddles, and some bike trailers.

However, some exclusions are expiring Friday (and some other major bike products never received exclusions). And there's a fourth category: importers of some products currently enjoying tariff exclusions — including e-bikes, helmets and lights — will find out next month if their exclusions will be extended. 

The 25% tariffs were imposed in several rounds in 2018 and 2019 as part of the administration's trade war with China. The largest round included bike products with annual import value totaling about $1 billion. Many importers were successful in petitioning for exclusions, which refunded previously paid tariffs but expired eventually. Many importers and trade groups filed petitions with the U.S. Trade Representative to extended the exclusions, but the USTR had not ruled on any of those requests until Thursday. 

The tariffs applied only to Chinese goods and were in addition to any existing tariffs. For example, most bikes had existing tariffs of either 5.5% or 11%, and those rates were still imposed after the exclusions were granted. 

Some highlights:

Exclusions extended to Dec. 31:

  • All bikes imported under the HTS codes 8712.00.1510; 8712.00.1520; and 8712.00.1550, which includes bikes with wheels of 24-inch, 20-inch and smaller than 20-inch. 
  • Some bikes imported under the code 8712.00.2500 (bikes with wheels 69-71cm in diameter), specifically those with alloy wheels, tires narrower than 3.5cm, belt drives, twist shifters and 3-,7-, or 12-speed internal rear hub.
  • Some bikes imported under the code 8712.00.2500 (bikes with wheels 69-71cm in diameter), specifically those that are single-speed, weigh less than 16.3kg and are not designed for use with tires wider than 4.13cm.
  • Some bikes imported under the code 8712.00.3500, (bikes with wheels larger than 63.5cm in diameter), specifically those with no more than 3 speeds and a coaster brake.
  • Some bikes imported under the code 8712.00.4800, specifically those with drop bars and folding frames.
  • Bike frames, imported under the code 8714.91.3000, made of carbon fiber and valued at $600 or less (an exclusion granted at Parlee's request).
  • Bike saddles, imported under the code 8714.95.0000, with covers made of plastic or man-made textile fabrics. 
  • Bike trailers, imported under the code 8716.40.0000, with aluminum frames, weighing not more than 17.5kg, with capacity for carrying no more than 46kg, meeting ASTM standard F1975. The exclusion was granted at Burley's request.
  • Some air pumps

Exclusions due to expire Sept 1, unless the USTR grants an extension:

  • Bike helmets, bike lights, some goggles

Exclusion due to expire Sept. 20, unless the USTR grants an extension:

  • E-bikes

Exclusions that will expire August 7:

  • Most road bikes (The exclusion was granted at Brooklyn Bike's request in April, but it applies to all road bike imports. Brooklyn received notice Thursday that the exclusion would not be extended.)
  • Most wire-bead tires
  • Most rims
  • Carbon frame front triangles and rear triangles, and carbon rims (exclusions granted at Santa Cruz's request, but that apply to all importers)
  • Some bike computers (an exclusion granted at Cateye's request)
  • Some hitch racks

Categories that never received exclusions:

Most mountain bikes with wheels 26-inch and larger, bikes with 700c/27-inch wheels with clearance for tires wider than 4.13cm, some comfort bikes. 

More information on the tariffs on the PeopleForBikes tariff page

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