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QBP expands online retailer education platform

Published March 5, 2018

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (BRAIN) — QBP is expanding its online sales training platform, called "U of Q." The platform includes video modules and short quizzes that help educate retail employees on selling a variety of brands. Current schools include: Salsa, Surly, 45NRTH, iSSi, and All-City. Employees who complete the training can earn discounts on the brands. Currently, Salsa and 45NRTH pro purchase discounts are only available to authorized retailers of those brands.

New schools will be added in the coming months, including a Jagwire School, Teravail School and a Sales School that will equip sales staff with a straightforward set of sales steps to follow that will make closing the sale easier. Existing schools will continue to add new modules.

"We are investing in U of Q because it benefits bike shops," said U of Q's program manager, Brian Hanson. "When a retail employee learns about product, who to sell the product to and how to sell it, the employee sells more product. A bike shop with employees that sell more product can be more profitable. When bike shops increase their profitability, QBP also benefits."

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