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Finish Line Introduces the HALO Range of Bicycle Lubricants.

Published July 1, 2024

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NEW YORK  – Finish Line®, the bicycle industry's "lube experts" since 1988, is proud to announce the launch of its HALO® range of chain lubricants. Originally conceived and developed in Finish Line's state-of-the-art laboratory and then rigorously field-tested by top on and off-road professional cycling teams, "HALO® represents Finish Line's greatest achievement towards the science of bicycle lubrication" said Hank Krause, founder and CEO of Finish Line®. "These lubricants have been meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance across all cycling disciplines."

The HALO® range includes three innovative products with their unparalleled performance embedded in each product's unique chemistry:

HALO® HOT WAX uses a blend of highly refined paraffin wax, spherical tungsten and ceramic platelets. When a chain is submerged into this melted formula, the wax's tenacity to the chain is immediately noticeable. When riding, the cleanliness of HALO® HOT WAX stands out, along with the extreme longevity it provides, and its ability to perform in wet weather conditions.

HALO® WAX uses a blend of highly refined paraffin wax, spherical tungsten and ceramic platelets all suspended in a water carrier fluid. HALO® WAX liquid comes with an innovative Smart Luber™ for easy, no-mess application. It can be used as a stand-alone lubricant, delivering significant mileage before reapplication, and as a top off for HALO® HOT WAX. Cleanliness and therefore prevention of friction and wear caused by abrasives is it's key attribute.

HALO® WET is petroleum free, using spherical tungsten and ceramic platelets suspended in synthetic oils that are synthesized from liquid natural gas. HALO® WET comes with an innovative Smart Luber™ for easy no-mess application. Quietness, super smooth shifting, superior performance in wet riding conditions, our lowest coefficient of friction, and long re-lubrication intervals are the hallmarks of this formula.

Eco Profile

In addition to high performance, the Finish Line® HALO® range is engineered with a high degree of environmental consciousness. HALO® products are not classified as hazardous according to U.S. CPSC, U.S. OSHA, or EU CLP regulations. They are free from fluorinated and PFAS chemicals, inherently biodegradable, non-toxic to humans and plant life and non-flammable, making them safe for air transportation.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior drivetrain efficiency & extended relubrication intervals
  • Ultra-low chain and component wear
  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Maximum power output under high torque pedaling

About Finish Line®
Since 1988, Finish Line® has been dedicated to advancing the science of bicycle lubrication. Our mission is to provide cyclists with products that deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and value. A founding core principle of Finish Line® is to formulate products that are respectful of the environment and cyclist, to market these products honestly, and price them fairly.

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