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As Budgets Tighten, Industry Veteran Positions Himself As The Smart Choice For Brands & Suppliers.

Published June 29, 2024

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Morristown, NJ. (June 24, 2024) – In the wake of the post-COVID downturn, Edwin Bull seizes opportunity and opens up the next chapter in his career.

Having founded Van Dessel Cycles in 1999, and working with and for companies such as Panasonic, Lilly Pulitzer, Kent International, and Ideal Bike Corp., Bull is now forging ahead with the foundation of a new company.

This time Bull is offering his 25 years of experience in product development, brand management, sourcing, marketing, and strategic vision as a full-service independent contractor-for-hire.

Not only is Edwin’s direct experience available to companies and brands in need, but also his network and industry connections, which are in place to provide a full and complete suite of services and capabilities.

Bull explains, “Both sides of the supply chain have been in a choke-hold of inventory surplus and market insecurity. The past few years have been whiplash inducing from all sides. What these times have highlighted for me is that there has always been a need gap for accessible product & brand management services, and this need is now stronger than ever in the current market”.

With strained budgets, hiring dedicated in-house staff to handle all the necessary tasks may not be possible, but even in the best of times outsourcing these services is often the most effective answer for companies both big and small.

Helping outfits on the consumer facing and production sides of the supply chain, Edwin Bull and his new company work with brands and suppliers alike to take on certain tasks that organizations are in need of help with, as well as providing complete turnkey product and brand management services.

“It’s a time full of opportunity in the industry and marketplace. The outlook for the bicycle business is bright, with all signs pointing to a recovery and continued market growth. Especially as global trends of micro mobility, climate consciousness, and personal well being keep accelerating, bicycles are proving to be a hot commodity for today’s popular interests”.

“With this new venture I am excited to continue to innovate and deliver success to clients, while also contributing to bringing great products to market for the ultimate benefit of the end users – the people who ride, which is ultimately where it matters the most”.

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About Edwin Bull LLC

With over 25 years experience we offer turnkey solutions to the bicycle industry as a full-service independent contractor, helping brands and suppliers with all aspects of the product cycle.

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