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DAHON Unveils Groundbreaking "Speed Technology" at Taipei Cycle Show 2024

Published February 29, 2024

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DAHON Unveils Groundbreaking "Speed Technology" to Revolutionize Cycling Performance: Check it out at Taipei Cycle Show 2024

 In a stunning revelation that challenges the status quo in the cycling industry, DAHON, the world-renowned folding bike manufacturer, is set to showcase its groundbreaking "Speed Technology" at the highly anticipated Taipei Cycle Show from March 6 to 9, 2024. With this cutting-edge innovation, DAHON is at the forefront of a cycling revolution, surpassing conventional road bikes in both efficiency and speed.

 After extensive research and development, the DAHON team discovered critical flaws in traditional bicycle frame designs that hindered cycling efficiency. In response, the team introduced the game-changing "Speed Technology" to enhance the rigidity of all bicycle frames, front forks, and other components. The groundbreaking technology leads to unprecedented speeds, making cycling easier, faster, and more exhilarating than ever before.

 Going beyond folding bikes alone, DAHON's latest models featuring the revolutionary "Speed Technology" will be unveiled at the Taipei Cycle Show. This momentous occasion signifies DAHON's expansion into a new era, as it introduces high-quality, lightning-fast road bikes and mountain bikes. With these innovations, DAHON is poised to carve out a new frontier in the global large-wheel category of bicycles.

 Witnessing the Cycling Challenge: Race for Grand Prize!

 DAHON will host a riveting cycling challenge at the exhibition to demonstrate the Speed Technology.  On a stationary platform, six different models of bikes, including the DAHON P18 aluminum folding bike, P18 carbon fiber folding bike, DAHON carbon fiber 700C road bike, and other renowned road and folding bike brands, will participate in the Cycling Challenge. All three DAHON bikes in the competition will be equipped with latest “Speed Technology”, ensuring a thrilling display of its performance.

 Based on separate experimental tests, DAHON’s bikes equipped with the Speed Technology have consistently outperformed other brands of road and folding bikes by a significant margin. If you are skeptical that small-wheeled bikes can't beat their big-wheeled counterparts, come to the show and join the cycling competition. Compete to win cash prizes, with an incredible $5,000 bonus awaiting the winner!



TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW stands as one of Asia's most influential cycling expos and ranks among the top three global cycling trade shows. This year's theme revolves around "Micro-Mobility”, “Innovation & Startups”, “Sustainable Practices”, and “Cycling Culture & Lifestyle," exploring intelligent, healthy, and green travel opportunities alongside the cycling industry.

Besides unveiling the "Speed Technology" series, DAHON will host the cycling challenge and showcase classic models and our patented "Sharing 360" products. We invite cycling enthusiasts and partners to visit our booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4th floor, booth L0727 for an engaging experience and business discussions.


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