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Bikeflights Buck Up For Bikes Program Donates $20,000

Published December 20, 2023

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Five Cycling Nonprofits Benefit From 2023 Contributions

PORTLAND, OR (December 19, 2023) - Bikeflights has donated $20,000 through its Buck Up For Bikes program to five non-profit cycling organizations: Trip for Kids, National Interscholastic Cycling Association, Little Bellas, International Mountain Bike Association and World Bicycle Relief. The donation includes contributions made by Bikeflights’ customers throughout 2023.

"We're excited to both continue to give to our long-time partners and to have added World Bicycle Relief to Buck Up For Bikes this year as we expand our bike shipping services to the global market," said William Alcorn, Bikeflights President.

"Originally created in 2016, Bikeflights’ Buck Up for Bikes (BUFB) program has been growing ever since. From the program’s inception to date, Bikeflights has raised and given out more than $141,000.

"With a bicycle, people in remote and rural areas are able to change their worlds. They have an easier way to access basic goods and services, have the opportunity to earn a living, travel to school, reach a healthcare facility and access water, things that people living in towns and cities often take for granted,” said Claire Geiger, Director of Global Partnerships at World Bicycle Relief. “With the support of Bikeflights’ Buck Up For Bikes, we are able to ensure that more people can experience the power of bicycles through our programs.”

Bill Nesper, Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists, which now serves as the  National Office of Trips for Kids said, "The League and our Trips for Kids members are thrilled to have the support of Bikeflights. Buck Up for Bikes has long been an important partner of Trips for Kids, helping empower youth through life-changing experiences on bikes. We're excited for this support and how it will impact Trips for Kids chapters as they do more great work in 2024."

"NICA's goal is to empower every kid to be part of a thriving and engaged cycling community, and we couldn't do that without the support of our incredible partners. The Buck Up for Bikes program is a great way for the cycling community to be a part of getting #MoreKidsOnBikes,” said Amanda Carey, NICA President. “Thank you, Bikeflights, for your commitment to youth cycling!"

"Bikeflights is a crucial partner to Little Bellas in helping us ensure that all girls have access to program-ready bikes,” said Martha Flynn, Little Bellas Minnesota Regional Coordinator. “In one instance, a Minnesota Little Bellas showed up on a bike that was much too small for her. We were able to turn around a shipment of one of our Gear Up bikes from Vermont to Minnesota in a few days and have the bike ready to go for her the next program day. On this larger bike, she was able to take on more miles and felt confident charging down the trail. Thank you Bikeflights! “ 

Dave Wiens, Executive Director of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) said, “Bikeflights knows keeping kids riding requires fun trails and more trails close to home. We're grateful for the continued support of Bikeflights. It fuels our work for more and better trails, so the fantastic Buck up for Bikes program recipients have great places to introduce kids to mountain biking."

Per the Buck Up for Bikes program, Bikeflights customers have the option to contribute from one to five bucks during checkout when booking their bike shipping online. Bikeflights not only collects and tracks all donations, but also supplements collected contributions and covers the costs of administering and publicizing the program.

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