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Shimano And Trek Promote Message Of Inclusion Through Project One

Published December 5, 2023

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[Waterloo, WI] Today, Trek launched a stunning one-of-a-kind Checkpoint SLR in tandem with its long-time partners at Shimano, telling a story of unity, freedom, and inclusion offered down the gravel road. The Shimano x Trek United in Gravel Checkpoint SLR features a bespoke paint scheme that's a true one-of-one, designed with input from Shimano as the brand launches its United in Gravel campaign.

But this Checkpoint SLR is more than just a beautiful bike. It also serves as a physical manifestation of the long-time partnership and shared values between Trek and Shimano. It invites riders to look deeper into each person they saddle up beside and reminds us that no matter where we come from, from the plains of Wisconsin to Sakai City, Japan, we can unite for a better, more inclusive cycling community.

The Shimano x Trek Project One Ultimate Checkpoint SLR features a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted frame adorned with colorful, abstract shapes that reflect the diversity of gravel riding. The shapes mirror the mountains we climb, rivers we forge, and vast sky we ride underneath, and colors unify our surroundings. It features Shimano's 12-speed GRX drivetrain, reinforcing the brands' commitment to gravel.

This bespoke Checkpoint isn't available for purchase, but with Trek's Project One Ultimate program, you can partner with one of the industry's top designers to create your very own one-of-a-kind bike to tell the story you dream of on every ride.

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