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Aventon Now Certified to UL 2849 Standard

Published November 9, 2023

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Los Angeles, CA (November 9, 2023) – Aventon, a California-based e-bike and technology company, is excited to announce the safety standard UL 2849, which their current lineup of available e-bikes was certified to by TÜV Rheinland, has now been recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With this recognition, Aventon’s e-bikes are now eligible to be sold in the state of New York after a new law was passed on September 16, 2023 stating all e-bikes sold, leased or rented in the state must meet the recognized industry standard.

“The safety of our users has always been a top priority for us at Aventon,” said Cole Latshaw, Senior Product Specialist at Aventon. “With the recent update from OSHA, we hope that our customers continue to have peace of mind while using our bikes knowing that each battery has been tested and certified.”

The TÜV Rheinland safety standard is a European and globally recognized trademark denoting trust, assuring that a product, service, or process has been thoroughly tested for safety, quality, and sustainability. Aventon received its TÜV Rheinland certification in early 2022, making its current e-bike lineup safety certified. Unfortunately, two of the earlier Aventon models, the Sinch and Level, do not qualify as they pre-date the testing. However, the upgraded versions, Sinch.2 and Level.2, have received the full certification and are ready to take to the streets of the Big Apple.

Additionally, Aventon offers a 2-year warranty on all e-bikes purchased through or one of their 1,000+ certified dealers. The warranty includes all manufacturer defects of the frame and components prior to assembly, demonstrating confidence and commitment to their customers by ensuring their e-bikes meet the highest safety standards. All Aventon e-bikes are made with the highest quality materials and components, including their batteries which are sourced from reputable brands such as LG and Samsung, and are TÜV certified now in compliance with the UL 2849 standard. This means they have been put through rigorous testing, ensuring the product is safe for public sale, consumer use and that they meet the e-bike battery fire safety requirements.

To view more of Aventon’s TÜV Rheinland certified e-bikes, click here:


About Aventon

Aventon, based in Southern California, is one of the world’s leading and innovative electric bicycle manufacturers and retailers.

In 2012, CEO J.W. Zhang was inspired to build his own brand to create accessible and high-quality bikes. With roots in performance cycling, Aventon’s heritage of innovation propelled them into a bold belief that they could transition from fixed gear bikes into e-mobility, making it more enjoyable. Their goal was to create a brand that was versatile, inclusive and all-encompassing of the different types of riders that exist without sacrificing their foundational attention to precision and purposefully-built products.

Aventon exists to enable people to find happiness through motion. They believe that every ride is an opportunity for riders, in every stage of their lives, to change the way they experience the world, and in that moment feel alive. They are fully committed to prevailing in their dedication to introducing premium technologies and placing their customers’ experience at the center of their world. Ride more. Be happy. For more information, visit

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