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Forgotten Not Gone (FNG) Celebrates a Decade of “Stomping Out Veteran Suicide!” along with Grand Opening of "Trike Life" shop!

Published August 29, 2023

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Forgotten Not Gone (FNG) Celebrates a Decade of “Stomping Out Veteran Suicide!” in Nevada inaugurating our new FNG Headquarters and Trike Life Store opening in North Las Vegas, Advancing Veteran Peer Support, Suicide Prevention, and Community Unity.
LAS VEGAS, NV — [Sept. 10th, 2023] — Forgotten Not Gone (FNG), a prominent Las Vegas Veteran 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to “Stomping Out Veteran Suicide!” through Veteran Peer Support Outdoor Recreation promoting the critical message of suicide prevention, proudly announces the momentous occasion of its 10th-anniversary in North Las Vegas on September 10th, notably "World Suicide Prevention Day". Simultaneously, FNG is delighted to unveil the grand opening of its brick-and-mortar store, aptly named "Trike Life," which will serve as a transformative hub for furthering its noble cause.
For the past decade, FNG has been unwavering in its commitment to supporting our nation's heroes, providing them with a community of belonging, healing, and hope. The organization has tirelessly worked to combat the alarming issue of veteran suicide, ensuring that no one who has served our country feels forgotten or isolated.
This 10th-anniversary stands as a poignant moment of celebration and reflection for FNG, its dedicated members, and the community commemorating their remarkable journey of creating a positive impact in the lives of Veterans. Over the years, FNG's therapeutic trike rides have become symbols of resilience, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of the Veteran community.
The anniversary event will feature spectacular trike rides, and trike/bike demos, symbolizing the unity and the Immense support the City of North Las Vegas has given FNG so they can continue being of Service to Veterans in need. Participants will include Veterans, their families, community supporters, and distinguished guests from all over Las Vegas, all rallying together to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.
In conjunction with this milestone celebration, Forgotten Not Gone is delighted to introduce the Trike Life store, a physical embodiment of its mission.  Trike Life will offer a curated range of specialized trikes, cycling gear, and merchandise, with 100% of the proceeds directly supporting FNG's continued efforts in Suicide Prevention.
Peter Guidry, Co-Founder of Forgotten Not Gone, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The 10th-anniversary milestone and the inauguration of Trike Life marks a turning point for our organization. We are immensely proud of the sense of belonging we have fostered in the Veteran community and our strides in suicide prevention. With Trike Life, we envision a brighter future where no Veteran feels alone in their struggles, and where we continue to save lives, one ride at a time."
The press, Veterans, local community Partners, and all interested parties are cordially invited to join Forgotten Not Gone on September 10th, 2023, at 2:22 pm symbolic of 22 Veterans lost daily just a decade ago, lowered to 16 currently, as they embark on the next historic chapter of Forgotten Not Gone's Mission to get to ZERO!
Event Details: 
Date: September 10th, 2023 
Time:  2:22 pm - 5pm
Location: Trike Life 
Address: 3960 West Craig Rd. Ste 109, North Las Vegas, Nv 89032

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