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Bicycle Colorado Is Acquiring The Nonprofit Colorado Cycling

Published December 19, 2022

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Bicycle Colorado is expanding its Bike Events Program 

DENVER, CO — To expand their support of Colorado bike events and to build the bike advocacy movement, Bicycle Colorado will be acquiring Colorado Cycling (formerly known as the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado). Effective January 2, 2023, the operations of Colorado Cycling will fold into Bicycle Colorado and the Colorado Cycling brand will be retired. 

“We’re honored and excited to build on the rich history of Colorado Cycling and expand our support of bike events and the broader cycling community. In addition to supporting the success of bike events and clubs, we’ll be identifying ways to engage more people in our advocacy and education work, which is important to meeting our advocacy goals and the needs of the riding community,”says Pete Piccolo, Executive Director of Bicycle Colorado.  

“Over almost five decades of work, we’ve seen bike racing in Colorado change in many ways. Racing will continue to evolve and we realize that we need to evolve with it. After exploring multiple strategic shifts, the decision to have Bicycle Colorado step up and support racing in Colorado is a big win for events, clubs, and riders. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for racing in Colorado,” says Andy Johnson, President of the Board of Directors of Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado. 

Colorado’s 200-plus competitive and non-competitive bike events makes  the state a special place to be a bicyclist, and events contribute to local economies and nonprofits. The importance of organized events is why Bicycle Colorado currently publishes an events calendar, promotes events, and advocates on their behalf with government agencies when needed. 

Today, Bicycle Colorado partners with over 40, mostly non-competitive, bike events. The acquisition of Colorado Cycling represents a logical expansion of its existing events program, and it will bring Bicycle Colorado into the road and cyclocross racing scene. 

Brendan Quirk, Chief Executive Officer and President of USA Cycling added, “Riders across America dream about riding in one place more than any other, and it’s Colorado. The work Bicycle Colorado is doing to grow racing and lead impactful advocacy is making the amazing roads, trails and gravel in Colorado even better. We’re excited at USA Cycling to partner with Bicycle Colorado to push these efforts as hard as possible in 2023 and beyond.”



Bicycle Colorado is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Denver whose mission is to lead a passionate and growing movement that champions the interests of everyone who rides or wants to ride a bicycle in our state. 
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