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Jelenew Supports Global Women's Cycling Development with New Signing

Published December 15, 2022

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Jelenew announces Raquel Henares, Czesława Kruczkowska as Brand Ambassador

As part of its mission to help promote the development of global women's cycling, Jelenew, an American professional women's cycling apparel brand, is signing brand ambassadors worldwide to promote cycling as a green and healthy lifestyle and to inspire, motivate and guide more women to explore and realize their potential through cycling. Recently, Jelenew has signed two powerful women - Spanish triathlete Raquel Henares and Polish cyclist Czesława Kruczkowska - as its brand ambassadors.

In 2022, Raquel Henares won the 4th place of 70.3 Ironman Warsaw, and Czesława Kruczkowska won the MTB women's category at the 350km cross-country race - Ultra MTB Gravmageddon race in Poland. Jelenew's partnership with them is based on their shared vision of women's power and the mission to promote women's cycling. Their love of cycling and persistence in training and challenging themselves through adversity align with Jelenew's brand spirit.

Raquel Henares is a professional triathlete, but her career has not always been a smooth sailing trip. She has been through two major surgeries but has always kept her dream alive. Between 2019-2020, she has been on the podium of the Acuatlón Guadalajara, Triatlón Astri Pacífico, and L´etapa Acapulco competitions.

"I'm so excited to be working with Jelenew. I've been waiting for a brand that represents female power to unite us, hear our voices and show our strength as female cyclists . When I found Jelenew, I immediately knew that I identified with their brand philosophy after seeing what they were doing for women. I'm honored to work with a brand like this." said Raquel Henares.

Czesława Kruczkowska is an educator who teaches the Polish language and Polish culture and started riding with her family when she was a child. So far, she has participated in hundreds of different cycling races. The bicycle is not only the primary means of transportation for her but also what created a strong family bond for her that bears many unforgettable memories. She is the winner of Via Donly Slask 2019, the biggest road cycling race in Poland, and has appeared on the podium of the Polish Cup in Supermaratony Szosowy (Road Supermarathons) for many years.

  "Cycling gives me a sense of freedom - I am not dependent on public transport, I do not stand in traffic jams, I can move quickly not only on roads but also in the forest or the field. I can also be closer to nature - smell the forest or blooming fields, and sometimes observe wild animals - roe deer, hares, or wild birds. It's amazing!" said Czesława Kruczkowska, "What is incredible is that cycling is still an industry that is male-dominated, often organized for men, by men. It is only in the last few years that this trend has changed. This change makes me very happy, but it is still far from equal. Women have lower incentives, and face more difficulties during training, and fewer teams sponsor female riders. Luckily, I found Jelenew, a brand I love, who brought couture tailoring to professional cycling apparel, taking women's cycling apparel to a different level. Jelenew's Jersey and bibs have accompanied me through many races. Jelenew's mission to help promote women's cycling around the world is exactly what I value, and it's an honor to be a part of Jelenew's mission to popularize women's cycling - to make more women find the joy in cycling and in life.

 The Jelenew team said of the brand's new brand ambassadors: "Both of our ambassadors are excellent women cyclists with different careers, different cultural backgrounds, and different experiences, and it is our honor to work with such professionals. Through their experiences and voices, we hope to inspire more women to go out and go cycling, to be brave and express their authentic selves, and to chase their dreams. This resonates deeply with Jelenew's mission to promote global women's cycling." 


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