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Altangle Cycling relocates to Bentonville, Arkansas

Published December 2, 2022

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Bentonville, AR — Altangle Cycling, a tool and repair stand company, relocates its headquarters to Bentonville, AR. Launching in September 2021 in Houston, brothers and co-owners Squires and Scott Smith quickly recognized the positive impact Bentonville is having on cycling focused startups. The catalyst to relocate occurred when Squires was developing dealers in the Southeast region and visited Bentonville to race the second annual Rule of Three. He experienced the unique bicycle culture and significant investment in the off-road trail system, as well as the impressive support network for growing businesses. Other outdoor companies, such as Rapha, Allied and Specialized, also have roots in Bentonville, further supporting the move.

"Bentonville is not only building miles of interconnected mountain bike and gravel trails but also a thriving business community with numerous state and private organizations geared towards supporting startups. It's clear that the region is intentionally developing both the culture and resources required to support companies in every stage of the life cycle" said Squires Smith.

Another factor for the move is that Bentonville hosts several high-profile consumer and industry events that will reduce the company’s travel requirements. "Bentonville now regularly plays host to international class level races and industry events. Having the industry come to us several times a year instead of traveling for the same reach frees up time and money for other areas, and these savings are critical as we continue to scale," said Scott.

Support of organizations such as the Runway Group, OZ Trails Northwest Arkansas, Plug & Play Northwest Arkansas, Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation, The Collaborative and Startup Junkie were key factors in the move to northern Arkansas. Squires stated: “The resources that are available for startups in Bentonville have been beyond our expectation. We look forward to growing our company and our families in Bentonville.”

Altangle Cycling plans to grow its presence in the region through support of the cycling community and scale business operations that will include regional hires for a variety of jobs, including marketing, sales and product development.

About Altangle Cycling

Altangle is a USA-based tool and repair stand company that focuses on unique and functional product designs for both consumer and professional use. The Hangar and Hangar Connect bicycle repair stand are Altangle Cycling's flagship products, with the A2 Tire Lever Head (Co2 mounted tire lever) being the first tool product release. Altangle Cycling’s products can be found at any of its retail partners or on the Company's website (

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