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Celebrating 10 years of Bosch eBike Systems

Published June 6, 2019

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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – For 10 years, Bosch eBike Systems has been setting new standards with drive systems for pedal-assist electric bikes. Together with our partners and customers, Bosch has played a decisive role in shaping the eBike market. Electric bikes have now taken their place at the center of society and have become a form of mobility that inspires all ages and target groups. As one of the driving forces behind eBike technology, the company has grown steadily in recent years. With innovative solutions ranging from eBike drive systems and connectivity solutions to products that make eBiking safer, Bosch eBike Systems continues to push the boundaries for the future of mobility in the bicycle sector. Aiming to support the further development of bicycle mobility, from January 2020 the former Bosch business unit is to be reorganized within the Bosch Group, making it more independent of the exist-ing automotive divisions.

The success story: From a start-up to one of the leading manufacturers

Modest beginnings: Bosch eBike Systems was established in 2009 as a start-up within the Bosch Group and was given development support and room to grow within the Group, making use of the available expertise, including cord-less technology behind cordless power tools, as well as electric motors, elec-tronics and sensors in the automotive sector. "10 years ago, we started out with a handful of employees who believed in the pedal-assist electric bike, demonstrating excitement and a lot of personal commitment," says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "Nevertheless, none of us would have expected what success story would develop from these beginnings." The group took an international approach from the outset. Following its launch in the European markets, the company opened its own subsidiaries in North America and Asia in as early as 2014. It has also been active in the Japanese market since 2017. Today, Bosch eBike Systems is among the leading manu-facturers of eBike drive systems within the premium segment. More than 70 well-known bike brands have put their trust in "epowered by Bosch" products.

Innovative milestones 2009 – 2019

It all began with an idea: a sophisticated system solution in which all compo-nents fit perfectly together. The first eBike drive system from Bosch celebrat-ed its debut at Eurobike in 2010 and went into production in February 2011. Two years later, the Active Line and Performance Line drive units were launched, specially developed for city trips and touring. This development continued in 2015: With the Performance Line CX, Bosch eBike Systems de-signed a powerful drive to meet sporty ambitions - and significantly defined the eMTB sector through the Uphill Flow campaign. In 2014, Nyon was brought to market as the first connected, all-in-one on-board computer in the bicycle in-dustry. Together with an online portal and an app, it unites an eBike controller, navigation system, fitness trainer and access to the online world in a single device. The acquisition of COBI.Bike in 2017 extended the company's portfolio of products and competences in the field of connected products and services by adding smartphone-based solutions. The introduction of the PowerTube 500 in the same year set standards in the field of design integration. In addi-tion, the launch of Bosch eBike ABS, which went on sale in 2018, once again confirmed how eBiking can be made even safer through electronic systems.

The future at a glance: A division within the Bosch Group from 2020 onwards

"Our goal for the future is to remain one of the market's main movers and shakers by developing innovative solutions for bicycle mobility and by inspir-ing people," says Claus Fleischer. "We are confident that the eBike is a signif-icant response to megatrends such as urbanization, connectivity, mobility and climate protection. To this end, we aim to continue to make a contribution with pioneering products and services relating to the topic of Connected Biking."

In order to continue to make a mark in the field of bicycle mobility and to pro-mote further development, the Bosch Group will transform the former Bosch eBike Systems business unit into an independent division as of January 1, 2020. Until now, Bosch eBike Systems has been part of the Automotive Electronics division. Based on its business model with the focus on the bicycle market, Bosch eBike Systems will be able to respond more flexibly to the specific requirements of the bicycle industry in future.



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