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Velotooler Gives Service Providers More Control Over Their Time

Published May 8, 2019

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Velotooler's new version allows service providers which include independent mobile bicycle repair providers, freelancers with strong prior experience as a bicycle mechanic and bike shops to establish their availability on the platform.

"We already provide robust tools for establishing your coverage area, the services you provide and even the prices you want to charge (for non-corporate clients), and this is our first step in providing a market leading tool for calendar management" says Terence Finn, CEO of Velotooler.

The new release allows service providers to inactivate themselves if they are going on vacation or if they have no capacity for additional requests possibly due to it being peak season. It also allows them to indicate how much notice they would like to receive for a new request, time between requests (important for mobile providers), the days and hours they are available and even if they want to auto accept a request if it meets all their requirements.

"We are a dual mission organization in that we want to make bicycle ownership easy and more abundant and we want to elevate the skilled bicycle mechanic. We do this with software that streamlines the process and allows service providers to spend more time with customers and more time doing what they love – working on bikes!" says Terence

This is Velotooler's first step in giving mechanics/bike shops control over their schedule with multiple additional capabilities planned. This release will allow Velotooler's mechanics to provide feedback and impact the designs.

Velotooler has a network of over 160 service providers in 32 states and provides services to 10 bike brands including white glove delivery and warranty repair.

It is free to become a Velotooler service provider, but you do need to be qualified. Start the process here:

To schedule service with one of our great service providers, visit us at:

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