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Study Details Economic Impact of Europe

Published October 6, 2011

BRUSSELS, Belgium (BRAIN)—Bicycle sales in the 27 European Union member countries remained relatively stable in 2010 with total units sold falling less than one percent.

More than 19.4 million units sold in Europe last year, down slightly from 2009’s 19.6 million and 2007’s 21 million, the EU’s 10-year high, according to the 61-page European Bicycle Market & Industry Profile, an annual economic study compiled by industry associations Colibi-Coliped.

The largest number of those bikes—21 percent—were bought in Germany, followed by Great Britain, France and Italy. Dutch consumers paid the most for their bike purchases with an average selling price of 745 euros ($1,000), compared to 460 euros ($617) in Germany, the next market down.

For the first time in three years of the study, Colibi broke out sales of electric power assisted cycles, providing hard data to the fast-growing segment. Total unit sales in the EU 27 equaled 588,000 with Germany and the Netherlands gobbling up 63 percent of total sales. Germany led the category with 200,000 units followed by the Netherlands’ 171,000.

Bicycle production in the EU 27 also rose just slightly, from 12.17 million in 2009 to 12.26 units last year. Italy, Europe’s largest exporter, led the way with 20 percent of production, followed by Germany at 18 percent and the Netherlands with 10 percent. Italy was also the leader in bicycle parts and accessories production with 35 percent of the total 1.2 billion euro ($1.6 billion) pie, followed by Romania with 16 percent and Germany with 15 percent.

The report also details sales, production and employment trends in the EU’s top markets: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Click on the link above to access the report.

—Nicole Formosa

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