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BRAIN selects Bike-n-Hike for Retail Remodel Project

Published January 6, 2016

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Bicycle Retailer has selected Bike-n-Hike of Longmont, Colorado, for its 2016 Retail Remodel Project. The second iteration of the project will demonstrate how retail design and merchandising can help retailers boost sales, invigorate staff and improve efficiency through a bike shop makeover.

"It's little things that we've always wanted to do. The store has had the same look for many years. The bike displays are literally still in the same place," said Bike-n-Hike co-owner Jill Emerson. "Some people like that vintage mom-and-pop vibe, but others look at it and think we might not have anything cool, which isn't the case. It will be a lot of fun to jazz it up."

Jill and her husband Rick purchased the business in 2006 from Bike-n-Hike founder Dave Swenson, who opened the store in 1973 one block south of its current location. At the time, Rick was racing mountain bikes full time and had worked as the shop's manager for two years.

"Like many who race a lot, I needed to get parts cheap, so working at a bike shop was a good way to support my racing," said Rick, who has also spent time ski and motorcycle racing professionally.

In 2007, the Emersons bought the 2,500-square-foot building where Bike-n-Hike has been located for 28 years.

Swenson, who is in his late 60s, still works full time in the store and is looking forward to the makeover. "He's prepared for anything, and he's excited about the remodel," Rick said. "He's maybe a little apprehensive after so many years with the same look, but he's happy to be involved."

The Emersons hope that a store refresh will attract customers who currently shop in nearby Boulder.

"People are getting priced out of Boulder and moving to Longmont. There's no reason they should keep driving to Boulder when they can come here, support the local businesses and maybe even get a better deal," Rick said. "There's already some revitalization happening on Main Street, and I think us getting a new look will help that growth and help people see us differently."

Bike-n-Hike was selected from nearly 60 retail applications submitted to be considered for the second Retail Remodel Project, which will be completed this spring. Bike-n-Hike met editorial and design criteria, including location and size of store, ability to share sales figures and need for remodel.

BRAIN has once again partnered with retail design firm 3 Dots Design to complete the remodel. Mercedes Ross of Merchandising Werx will work with Bike-n-Hike on store merchandising and product placement, and Gregg Frederick of G3 Development Group will conduct a financial review to help Bike-n-Hike set sales goals and provide financial benchmarking.

Bicycle Retailer editors will leverage social media, Web and print channels to cover the store transformation from start to finish. Tanya Dueri of Jett Digital will provide photo and video coverage. Bike-n-Hike's face-lift will be revealed in the April 1 issue of BRAIN, along with merchandising and design tips from project partners and sponsors.

The Retail Remodel Project is presented by Giro. Other vendor sponsorships are still available.


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