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EVT goes to Japan's Minoura to manufacture its first portable bike stand

Published April 30, 2024

WASHOUGAL, Wash. (BRAIN) — Efficient Velo Tools, a long-time supplier of shop-quality workstands and other tools, has launched its first portable stand, called the Field Unit.

The Field Unit includes a steel clamp with leather-lined jaws that the company said are almost identical to the Right Arm Repair Clamp used on EVT's stationary bike stands. The offset clamp, like the workshop model, lets mechanic rotate the bicycle freely, only requires two inches of exposed seatpost, and has a counter-weighted handle that the company said lets mechanics "gently clamp any size seatpost with precise pressure control."

The Field Unit is made with 65mm and 45mm aluminum tubes with height adjustments locked in using steel closed-cam quick-releases. Its wide tripod base features soft rubber feet with holes to allow the stand to be staked down if desired.

The Field Unit is being distributed to dealers by Merry Sales. According to the distributor, EVT owner Brett Flemming "insisted on Japanese production, because he was enamored by the manufacturing methods and business culture. Longtime trainer and workstand fabricator Minoura Co. Ltd was a natural choice for a manufacturing partner." All other EVT products are made in the U.S.

Merry Sales is a longtime importer of Japanese bike products from brands including Nitto and MKS. 

The stand retails for $599.95. More information:

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