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Handmade Bicycles at Portland Airport

Published April 6, 2008

PORTLAND, ORE (BRAIN)—Running through early October, 10 custom bicycles will be on display at Portland International Airport's artOBJECTS showcase in Concourse E.

The bikes, all created by Oregon builders, demonstrate a combination of engineering skills, precision metal craftsmanship, cutting edge design, and a passion for cycling shared by the represented bike builders.

The 10 examples on display represent only a few of the builders working in Oregon, but they share the common goal of providing a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted machine that is both a unique ride and a functional work of art.

Organized by the Port of Portland, Sweetpea Bicycles, Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) and the Portland Development Commission (PDC), the exhibit features frames selected by a committee of RACC representatives and Oregon framebuilders.

Included in the display are Stites Design (Portland); Bike Friday (Eugene); Jeff Jones Custom Bicycles (Medford); Renovo Cycles (Portland); Keith Anderson (Ashland); Ahearne (Portland); Drop-out Bicycle Club (Portland); Vanilla (Portland); Chris King (Portland); and Vendetta (Corvallis).

According to Natalie and Austin Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles, "These bikes are special because they represent a range of designs, materials and fabrication methods from around the state. They also offer a glimpse into the role that bikes play in the lives of Oregonians from those designed for racing, replacing a car, riding up and down the mountains, or simply the joy of riding. While each of these bikes is designed for a specific purpose, the exhibit captures a broad aesthetic range as well, from the classic stainless steel of the Vendetta track bike, to the exuberant
tall bike from Drop Out Bike Club, to the Douglas Fir of the Renovo hardwood frames. The joy of riding ties them all together."

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