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Suweeka's Bike Lifter rack designed for easy e-bike loading and unloading

Published December 26, 2023

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Suweeka will debut its Bike Lifter hitch-rack that can be raised and lowered to roll e-bikes on and off and is accepting pre-orders through its website.

The rack will be the first product in Suweeka's new hitch-rack modular ecosystem that also will be compatible with future outdoor carrying solutions.

The Bike Lifter allows the user to lower or raise the trays in a flat position to the ground for most vehicles, allowing for roll-on loading and roll-off unloading. The Bike Lifter system will also include the Quick Connect Hitch Cleat connector, onto which any of its future product carriers will mount.

The Bike Lifter system with two bike trays will retail for $2,600, and the single-tray option will be $2,200 The second tray can be added later.

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