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SRAM website is fake, company says

Published November 16, 2022

This article originally appeared on a fellow Outside Inc. site, CyclingTips

(CYCLINGTIPS) — The scammers are at it again. Sramcycling-dot-com is the latest in a string of websites offering cycling components at prices just too good to be true.

The site offers a large range of SRAM components at incredible prices, with a pledge to “serve every customer with the highest level of sincerity.” The only problem being the site is fake and seemingly offers zero sincerity.

Visitors to the site might have thought Christmas had come early, but these scammers are very much on Santa’s naughty list. The real SRAM has confirmed to CyclingTips that the website is fake and the brand has “taken action.”

As tempting as’s prices are folks, do not be fooled by the claims “the company is known for providing Quality, Superior Customer Service and Product Selection [sic]”, chances are there is neither service nor product behind that fancy font.

Many cycling suppliers have had to deal with fake sites in recent years, including Wolf Tooth and Shimano. SRAM also had a fake site, SRAM.Red, taken down in 2016. 

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