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Grinduro California canceled because of fire conditions

Published August 30, 2021

MOUNT SHASTA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Organizers have canceled the Grinduro California gravel event for this year because of fire conditions in the National Forest where much of the event is held. The event had been scheduled for Sept. 18.

Registered riders will receive a 20% refund on registration fees, plus a 100% refund on any additional camping and/or meal packages that were purchased. 

"After two years of planning an amazing event and looking forward to welcoming the Grinduro family to Mt. Shasta, we're gutted to have to make this decision once again," said Amanda Schaper, Grinduro CA Event Director. "Sadly, we know that canceling now is the only option and the responsible thing to do for everybody involved. Between forest closures, wildfires, unsafe air quality, and the Delta variant of COVID, the situation has simply stacked-up too many barriers for us to ensure everyone's well-being, while providing the good times that Grinduro has to deliver to our participants and the Mt. Shasta community."

On August 20, the USDA Forest Service announced a temporary closure of nine National Forests in Northern California due to extreme fire conditions and strained firefighting resources. The entirety of the new Grinduro California course in Mt. Shasta is located within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, which is included in this closure. The Forests will be reevaluated on Sept. 6 to determine whether or not they can be reopened. Last fall, a similar closure lasted through the end of October.

The organizers said they cannot issue 100% refunds because so much money has already been spent on the event, including non-refundable deposits for venue, catering, live music, tent rentals, porta potties, photographers, timing services, and other event service providers, plus contractor fees, merchandise and equipment purchases.

Organizers are working to move the event to an earlier date on the calendar in 2022. "The reality is that late summer and fall events may not be feasible now," said Schaper. "Grinduro CA could not be hosted earlier this calendar year due to COVID, but we are looking towards a springtime event in 2022. Imagine blue skies, fresh air and how good the dirt will be ..."

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