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Froome, Contador, Evenepoel, Landa or Alaphilippe also shine in virtual cycling

Published February 21, 2024

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They have all led the BKOOL virtual peloton in recent days, sharing training sessions with hundreds of amateurs from around the world.

Virtual cycling platforms have become the main link between professionals and amateurs, allowing any cycling fan to train, ride and even interact with their idols.

In recent weeks, BKOOL users have ridden with Froome, Contador, Mikel Landa, Evenepoel, Julian Alaphillipe and Kasper Asgreen - something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

BKOOL's Marketing Director, Ángel Luis Fernández, tells us: "One of the most attractive aspects of indoor cycling simulators like BKOOL is the ability to get in touch with cycling stars without leaving home. The Pandemic was a real boom in this sense, and since then it is very common to find professional cyclists sharing training sessions with their fans every week.

We've just had some of the best cyclists in the world leading virtual group rides on our platform, and in the coming weeks we'll be adding names like Oscar Freire or other Soudal-Quick-Step stars.

But cycling simulators like BKOOL are not only useful for the stars to connect with their fans, they are also essential for their progress throughout the season.
"The great thing about BKOOL is that you can ride any route in the world from your living room. This can make all the difference when preparing for a time trial, for example. It is very common for our professional ambassadors to ask us for the virtual route of a time trial or a circuit, such as the one used at the last world championships, so that they can train it in advance. The sensations offered by today's smart trainers are surprisingly realistic and BKOOL gives them the opportunity to test the course firsthand, either during a training camp or at home.

Add to this the possibility of creating your own workouts or customised training sessions for every moment of the season, and platforms like BKOOL have become common tools in professional cycling," adds Ángel Luis.

The most important cycling races have not been left behind either. In the case of BKOOL, it is currently organising the official virtual versions of the Giro d'Italia and the Deutschland Tour, transporting its participants to the real stages of each event through an immersive and realistic entertainment experience. Not only can fans train alongside their idols, but they can do so against the backdrop of the world's most important races.

About BKOOL:

BKOOL is a leading virtual cycling simulator that revolutionizes indoor cycling, providing users with an immersive and realistic experience. With a commitment to innovation, BKOOL continues to push the boundaries of virtual cycling, making it accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

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