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Mike Fritz Accepted as a Member of UL Technical Committee 1487 on Battery Storage and Containment Standards

Published November 13, 2023

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PLAINFIELD, IL - UL Standards & Engagement confirmed that the Chair of the newly formed TC 1487 approved Human Powered Solutions Chief Technology Officer Mike Fritz's membership application to the technical committee that will be developing and writing a test standard for lithium-ion battery storage and containment.

"It has been obvious to those of us closely observing the evolving situation in New York City that lithium-ion battery storage and containment protocols and standards will have to be developed and promulgated as quickly as possible covering retail establishments, multi-family buildings and single residences," said Fritz.

"Inspections started weeks ago and there is a New York City building code that is being enforced, but there are still several important requirements that need to be clarified and made real from the standpoint of being actually implemented by a retailer and HPS will continue to work with the NBDA and the City of New York to bring as many bike shops into compliance as possible. The situation relative to multi-family buildings and residences is more complex, but also needs to be addressed as quickly as possible," Fritz concluded.

Mike Fritz is also a member of UL Technical Committees 2849 and 2580. Human Powered Solutions is currently a member of the NBDA Bicycle Industry E Bike Safety & Standards Panel that will be circulating draft protocols for e-bike and lithium-ion battery charging, storage and containment for comment before the Panel's next scheduled meeting December 12th.

The Human Powered Solutions Consultancy possesses a unique skill set that includes pedal only, electric assist, electric component, connectivity and communication product and system design, manufacturing, and management. In addition, they have extensive industry and consumer research experience and data and insights.

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