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Cycle Inspect brings essential NDT knowledge to the masses with 'NDT Foundations' program

Published September 29, 2023

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Cycle Inspect, a leading provider of cutting-edge training and technology solutions in non-destructive testing (NDT) for the bicycle industry, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest initiative, the 'NDT Foundations' program. This comprehensive online training program aims to provide bicycle dealers and workshops across the globe with a low-cost and no-obligation introduction to essential NDT knowledge to promote the early detection of damage that may present an increased risk to cyclist safety.

According to Cycle Inspect survey data, almost 1 in 2 carbon fiber bike riders (48%) who have been involved in an accident did not seek an inspection to screen the surface and subsurface of their bike, due to a lack of reputable and accessible specialists in their area. Almost as many (45%) say 'hidden damage' is their biggest consideration when purchasing 'pre-owned' frames or components. Recognising this emerging need for reliable and evidence-based knowledge, the 'NDT Foundations' program is delivered entirely online and at the trainees desired pace. The course content, designed by experienced and certified NDT technicians, aims to equip industry professionals with a robust understanding of carbon fiber composite materials, ultrasound theory and an overview of visual and ultrasonic non-destructive testing methods.

"We want to help raise awareness of the hidden dangers in riding or buying equipment that is damaged, or contains flaws, whilst promoting early intervention (repair) where appropriate and responsible to do so' says Thomas Bunyan, Co-Founder and NDT lead.

Priced at $350 USD, trainees are also encouraged to sit a theory examination. Following the successful completion of the training, trainees have the option to schedule an introductory video call with a certified NDT technician to address questions and discuss next steps.

"We are thrilled to introduce the 'NDT Foundations' program to the bicycle industry," said Michael Briggs, Co-Founder of Cycle Inspect. "As the bicycle industry continues to embrace composite materials and innovative technologies, it is imperative that professionals possess the necessary knowledge to initiate a dialogue with, and guide customers through, a screening process to promote equipment longevity. We hope this goes some way toward addressing a glaring customer experience gap whilst providing a unique point of difference to businesses looking to grow their bottom line".

"Whilst we certainly encourage every reputable dealer that is currently servicing any number of carbon fiber bicycles to strongly consider offering our standardised testing solution, we feel that encouraging businesses to start engaging customers' in intelligent discussions regarding screening is an important place to start" says Briggs.

The 'NDT Foundations' program is now open for enrollment. Bicycle dealers, workshop owners, industry professionals and cyclists looking to enhance their understanding of non-destructive testing and composite materials are encouraged to visit to learn more.

About Cycle Inspect:

Cycle Inspect is the world's first data-driven damage assessment solution for bicycle industry professionals. Providing standardised training, technology, and damage assessment solutions, Cycle Inspect seek to remove barriers for industry professionals who are committed to providing cyclists with the information to make informed decisions.

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