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Aventon to Permanently Lower Prices on Entire Ebike Collection

Published January 5, 2023

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Company is looking to set the precedent by introducing technology that is attainable to consumers during unstable financial times.

BREA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2023 / Aventon, a California-based e-mobility and technology company, is excited to announce permanent price reductions for all of its existing ebikes. The cost of each ebike is now up to 20% lower than its original price and will remain there as Aventon prepares to launch new models in 2023 and pass the savings on to its customers.

This is the latest step in Aventon's quest to make e-mobility widely attainable. Like leading technology companies, Aventon will continue to lower prices for ebikes each time new models with advanced technologies are released.

"People are used to this kind of price structure as new technology emerges. When a new iPhone comes out, the older iPhone goes down in price so the new model price is still within expected range, vs. hiking up prices each time new tech is introduced. This opens the door for more people to access the latest and greatest technology and advancements," said Adele Nasr, Aventon Chief Marketing Officer. "This is something Aventon customers can now expect from us. We want our customers to understand we are putting them first. We are dedicated to continuously introducing premium technology for riders at every stage of their life."

The company owns its own factory and controls every aspect of production, which provides the flexibility needed to regulate pricing. "With the massive growth we have had these past few years, we are able to find efficiencies and pass those savings on to our MVPs, our customers, who helped us get here," said Anthony Baw, Aventon Chief Operating Officer. "Aventon wants customers to get out in the world, feel alive, and to feel good."

Aventon, which is in its 10th year of innovating, currently has five different models of ebikes on the market that can accommodate all types of riders. Some of which include commuters, fat tires, folding, and cruisers, offering riders the option to choose between a traditional step over frame or step-through frame.

"I started this company with our customer in mind, and I continue to lead us to evolve with the customer in mind," said J.W. Zhang, Aventon Founder and CEO. "So many companies are taking advantage of the financial instability and inflation to raise prices. Instead, we are lowering prices. We don't want people to miss out on the fun, adventure, and convenience of owning an ebike because of the price."

To see the new prices for Aventon's entire collection, click here:


About Aventon: Aventon, based in Southern California, is one of the world's leading and innovative bicycle manufacturers and retailers.

In 2012, CEO J.W. Zhang was inspired to build his own brand to create affordable, high-quality bikes. With roots in performance cycling, Aventon's heritage of innovation propelled them into a bold belief that they could transition from fixed gear bikes into e-mobility, making it more enjoyable. Their goal was to create a brand that was versatile, inclusive and all-encompassing of the different types of riders that exist without sacrificing their foundational attention to precision and purposefully-built products.

Aventon exists to enable people to find happiness through motion. They believe that every ride is an opportunity for riders, in every stage of their lives, to change the way they experience the world, and in that moment feel alive. They are fully committed to prevailing in their dedication to introducing premium technologies and placing their customers' experience at the center of their world.

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